Friday, January 18, 2013

Truth about Dawn Schriver (Rood)....

I’ve been silent too long and I feel it is time I spoke up so you all can read what the truth is through the court papers I’m posting for all of you to see.  This is all on public record.

For the past 2 years since I asked for a divorce, she has not stopped bashing me in public.  I have not spoken to Dawn since the day I walked out.   I have not made any negative comments or vlogs in public and have NOT talked to Dawn.  I have no desire to have any contact with her.

Think about it – if Dawn was telling the truth – no....   Read the court papers and decide how truthful Dawn really is.   If any of you are smart, you’ll stay away from her… far away.  I wish I did. 

The truth is this :

Dawn says she was served with court papers last Monday.  You’ll see on court papers that show what date she was served, the first week of January, two weeks ago, not 4 days ago. Please count all the lies.

I asked for a divorce because I learned I had married a woman who would lie about everything to the point that I could not trust anything that came out of her mouth.

When I first met Dawn, she told me she had been separated for three years.   Later I found out that was not the truth.  Her then-husband accused me of having an affair with her.  Imagine my surprise.

Dawn’s sob story that she is a single mother raising 4 children is NOT true.  Dawn’s ex-husband has full physical custody of 3 children and her 4th child is in college. 

Dawn and I both agreed it was best if I took care of all the bills, bank accounts and handled how the money was spent because Dawn has terrible credit history (we bought the house under my name because her credit was awful) and admit she is not good with handling money.  She will spend $500 - $1000 every time she drove to see her children. Every penny of her hard-earned money was spent on the weekend she went to see her children.  How can anyone live on one paycheck?  We could not save any money, not even for the summer when we both do not get paid as teachers.  She did not contribute to the household finances at all. That forces me to accepted 2 other part time jobs so I could support our family.

The day I walked out of the house after telling her I wanted a divorce, she texted me constantly asking me to come back, making threats to do something nasty if I did not come back, asking me not to divorce her.  When I still refused to go back home, she called the police and FALSELY accused me of abusing her. The next day when I went home to pick up my things, she had me arrested.   When we went to court, everything was dropped because there was no evidence.   This is not the first time she has made false accusations against me when things did not go her way.

For a woman who cries abuse, why does she beg to go back to me?  If she was truly abused, she should be relieved she can get out of this marriage.

When we were married, she would often go out with friends and the topic all night was constant negative comments and complaints about me or her ex-husband.   Friends would ask me why I put up with this kind of treatment.  

The first time I served her for divorce, she said our dog had run away but after we got back together, she admitted the dog had been at her parent’s house all along.   It was stupid of me to go back to her but after 6 months apart, I admit, I missed her and I hoped that she had changed.   I was wrong, she had not changed.

The second time I served her with divorce, I had not seen our dog for over a year.  She and I were both close to the dog and I was considering to let her keep the dog as part of the divorce because I just wanted to get out but when she made false accusations against me, destroyed my reputation, I could not find it in my heart to let her have the dog.

She lied in court several times about the dog, to the judge.   In court on January 20, 2012 she told the judge that the dog was with her.  The dog was with her friends.   In the next court appearance,  she said the dog ran away on January 4th.  She even got her mother to lie for her and say yes, the dog ran away.   Lies after lies, it never stopped.  The judge did not believe her because of her history of lies that he saw, he ordered her to deliver the dog or go to jail.   The day she was to deliver the dog, I finally saw my dog.

If dog was lost: I have her with me now... 

I wanted to get out of the marriage so bad, I agreed to waive a lot of other things the court said she was responsible to pay.   Dawn had a responsibility to pay triple the amount (over $25,000) but I let it go.   I just wanted to get out.   

The two contempt that were filed in court were because :

1 – she told the judge she had the dog and agreed to bring the dog to me.  She never showed up with the dog.
2 -  she never paid her half of the divorce agreement and she owed my lawyer legal fees for making us go back to court again for the contempt and again for her lies. This will never happen if she cooperates with the judge first place.

Dawn got a lawyer and said her lawyer did not help her?  No, she hired the lawyer AFTER she agreed in court to deliver the dog and then she tried to hide the dog, didn’t want to give me the dog and got a lawyer to help her in that case.    After her lawyer found out she lied, he refused to help her.   She said her lawyer did not help because he was new.  No, her lawyer refused to help because she made him look like a fool with her lies.

Dawn did the same thing with her 1st husband. I have enclosed her cry of “abuse” and court did find her 1st husband did nothing wrong. So this has become pattern with her, if things don’t go her way, she would use “abuse” as act of cry for help.

Right now, I just want her to stop her lies which is why I’m sharing everything here.   She said she wants to move on.   I agree.  I want to move on too. 

If you all want to donate money to her – help yourself.  It’s your money.  But be aware, that not everything is the truth. You are donating for her lies.   Dawn is begging for money now because she thought everything would just go away.    The decision is yours. 

Accuse 1st husband of abuse proof-

More truth- email from Attorney

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Dawn Schriver <>
Cc: Richard Dollinger , Jim Hinman
Sent: Thursday, January 17, 2013 8:55 AM
Subject: Re: Rood v. Rood - Index No. 2987-2011

Mr. Hinman,

I have gone over my financial yesterday. I am very careful with what I can pay. I am a single mother with 4 children. One is in college. Kids live with me.

Here's what I can do for the time being until I get a full-time job:

I can send you a check of $25 every month. That's how much I can really pay. That is going to put a steep in my budget, but I'm doing that in order for everyone to move on.

If that's agreeable, that would be a good start.

On Tue, Jan 15, 2013 at 9:36 PM, Jim Hinman wrote:
I have a very difficult time squaring this with your agreement to make the payments, your $5000.00 retainer of Mr. Trotto to contest the dog, your offers of similart amounts in exchange for the dogs and the information that you are posting on social networks. 

With respect to the latter, you need to understand that if you elect to continue the negative references to Mr. Rood in that medium, you will leave no alternative but to have counter postings of other information, such as your false report of abuse in Maryland as found by a federal court, the finding of contempt made in Supreme Court, etc. made available for others to peruse and consider.  You are in Maryland, Mr. Rood is here.  Mr. Rood is in compliance with the agreement and the Order, you are not.  I would strongly suggest that both of you move forward, refrain from making any remarks about the other, in any forum at any time to any one, put that chapter of your lives behind you, finish your existing obligations and move forward, each in your own part of the world without any regard to the other.  I think thnat you would both be much better off with that alternative.

 Back to your communication, what exactly are you proposing?  When we were in court on the contempt proceedings, you indicated that you had available credit to fund the offers that you were then making.  What happened to that?  Did that actually exist?  When you agreed to accept Mr. Rood's offer that you only be held liable for less than one half of your likely obligation, what was your plan for paying these amounts and what has changed?  Or, was there no plan and no real intention of actually making the payments?

I will need a concrete - dollar and cent  - proposal with a definite time frame, and an interest rate of 9% retroactive to the date payment was to be made to discuss with my client.  If you really expect him to agree, you need to understand that continued negative postings are not likely to assist in achieving the result you are seeking.  

Without any consideration of interest, at $25 per month, it would take 30years for you to pay what is owed to Mr. Rood.  It must also be remembered that the amount is substantially less than what it could have/should have been under the circumstances.  Having already made significant compromises and having had to resort to rather extrraordinary lengths to realize a portion of what was agreed to, my client is not willing to make an interest free loan to you for 30 years.  You were told that at the time when you initially made that proposal.  Thereafter, you entered into the Stipulation and later executed the Agreement incorporating its terms.  Apparently, you never intended to follow through with payment when you entered into the Stipulation and later when you signed the Agreement.  I believe that fact alone constitutes fraud and is further support for my applkication to have you held in contempt.  Your postings and entries on social network sites concerning my client do not lend themselves to the  fostering of feelings of good will such as would cause him to completely alter the agreement to accomodate you and I am sure that they are not intended for that purpose.  Having put yourself in this situation, however, and compounded it by your postings - which, of course, you are free to make and to which he, of course, is free to respond - you are going to have to come up with a plan to come up with the money, just as you were able to miraculously produce the dog which yoiur parents swore, under oath, had been lost and whose location was unknown.  Unfortunately for you, your credibility is severely lacking and does not lend itself to the kind of negotiations/resolutioin that you are apparently seeking.  I would recommend that you make payments of $1000 per month for 11 months, which would cover the amount due, interest thereon and a minimal amount of reasonable attorneys fees.  Provided it was paid in full under those terms, I would recommend that our request for incarceration be waived.  Given the overall history in this matter, that would be aquite generous proposal and I am sure that I will have my hands full in persuading my client to accept that given the lengths to which you have gone to antagonize him, but such an arrangement would not be unreasonable.  Perhaps those who are supportive of you in all of your other endeavors can be of assistance in helping you make reasonable payments to avoid the consequences of yet another contempt finding.  It might also be more productive to devote your limited resources to the fulfillment of this obligation rather than travelling regularly to Texas and other destinations. 

With respect to your request for a reference to the Maryland case I was referring to in my earlier communication, the case is Seremeth v. Board of Commissioners and was decided in the United States District Court for the Distrrict of Maryland, Civ No. L-09-58, decided May 18, 2010, which,while denying his claim for relief under the Americans with Disabilities Act,  among other things, found that a claim of child abuse had been made by you (identified in the opinion by name), by phone from New York to the police in Maryland, after your younbger children had all gone to bed, resulting in the detainer of your former husband and an investigation, at great inconvenience to him and your children, of substantial duration which concluded that no abuse had taken place and no arrest was warranted.  It is a published opinion and, along with the perjurious papers submitted in this proceeding, as well as your admitted violations of Justice Dollinger's prior orders, all of which are available for posting, should you desire to proceed with further postings against Mr. Rood, can be posted on the same social networks where you are waging your ongoing campaign against him.  As I stated earlier, I think your energies would be much better directed toward resolving the last remaining linbk between you and proceeding in separate directions which will, hopefully, be much more fulfilling for both of you.

I will await your further response.

Jim Hinman